If you want to change the world, you need to tell it a story. 

Ikonfilm works with researchers, entrepreneurs and brands to create compelling video content.


A customer insights manager or Research agency

You know your consumer but need your stakeholders to empathise with them. With over 400 segmentations videos in our portfolio, We can synthesise your findings into a focussed brief, organise and recruit the perfect respondents that best illustrate you typology, and produce a piece of creative that engages.

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A Startup looking to change the world

You want your idea to become a household word. You know video is a key element, but don’t know where to start.

Oh, and you have no money. No problem. Conversations are free.

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A brand manager looking at online video marketing

You have a great  story to tell about your product or service and want to invoke some internet magic that gets you a lot of attention with little budget.

We have helped clients get millions of online views that have converted to sales, by offering our blend of creative strategy and production skills that allows you to punch above your weight and get real interest.

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