Our Services

Any combination of in depth interview, filming, processing your media collection, editing, or creating an interactive interface (web or mobile app).

Film packages


We, organise, recruit, interview,  film, edit and deliver a sharp and entertaining documentary that turns your consumer’s story into an immersive experience. A full service from concept to delivery.

Mobile Focus Groups

Take your focus group absolutely anywhere (and we have). We film in HD with single or multiple cameras and clear audio. We make it accessible online, edit and deliver the best excerpts.

Stimulus & reaction

Record the testing of your product, website, service or event. We can make the stimulus video and we can also create a reaction video filming the facial expressions of respondents as they experience your concept.

Insight consolidation

Imagine if all the best quotes from all your focus group grouped by theme. Without you having to write timecoded script. Yes, we do that. We can also enhanced audio and video, add subtitles or even translations.

Latest Research Work

For consumer and client privacy, we keep most of our videos password protected, please email us for access to samples projects you would like to see.