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The Sound of Flowers

Branded content for the National Relay Service. A grandfather reconnects with his grand daughter after he suffers hearing loss . Producer/Director: John Nikolakopoulos

Quiet Signs of Love

Deaf girl. Hearing boy. A love that transcends. Producer/Director: John Nikolakopoulos

Everchanging woman

Through deep, intimate and authentic conversations with girls and women of all ages and backgrounds, Ever-changing Woman explores the idea that a woman’s identity changes over time.

Producer/Director:  Dominika Ferenz

Glass Box

An experimental documentary that explores the emotional landscape of the migrant experience.

Producer/Director: Dominika Ferenz

State of Suspension

A non-narrative film that explores the nature of vision and our experience of time and the self in a visually saturated world.

Director:  Dominika Ferenz Producer: John Nikolakopoulos

The Hydra

A man trapped in a time loop of his conscience, relives his trauma.

Producer/Director: John Nikolakopoulos DOP: Dominika Ferenz